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Flux Info

This application by "VladCM81" tracks the statistics and profitability of running Flux nodes

This member accepts donations: FLUX Address: t1eLxWdsBEwbMW611HBuEQJHwR1nCet4ojr

Flux Info App

Flux Info GitHub

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This application by "2ndTL Mining" is the perfect node operator dashboard.

By placing your public wallet address into the app you can track earnings, parallel assets, history, and real time status of the nodes themselves.

On the guides page, there are also links to many tutorials on setting up and maintaining flux nodes.

This member accepts donations: Flux Address: t1ebxupkNYVQiswfwi7xBTwwKtioJqwLmUG

Fluxnode App

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Flux Node Viewer

This application by "CarRamRod" is a diagnostic tool for node operators, as well as a dashboard for node ops, miners, and developers.

port, IP, and benchmark issues are all easily diagnosed using this tool, by running the following command from the node:

bash -i <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JKTUNING/Flux-Node-Tools/main/flux_node_viewer.sh)

Additionally the webhosted portion of the application, when given your public wallet address (for nodes and mining) and zel ID, allows you to track not only your nodes, but also your applications, your miners, as well as the network hash rate and difficulty.

Flux Node Viewer web interface

Flux Node Viewer GitHub

Commercial Applications:

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Brave Browser

Brave browser is known for its strong emphasis on privacy, offering features like built-in ad-blocking, tracker blocking, and secure browsing. It aims to protect user data and prevent online tracking by default, providing a more privacy-oriented browsing experience.

Additionally, Brave browser has a unique approach to online advertising by allowing users to opt-in to view privacy-respecting ads. Users can choose to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for their attention, providing an alternative model where users are rewarded directly, rather than relying on big tech companies to profit from their personal data.

Thats right! earn crypto while you browse the internet!

Brave Browser

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Presearch is a decentralized search engine that prioritizes user privacy and aims to provide more transparent search results.

It allows users to customize their search experience, choose their preferred search providers, and earn cryptocurrency tokens as a reward for using the platform.

Thats right! earn crypto for searching!