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The purpose of Hello Skyy is To provide a central hub, on decentralized infrastructure, in order to educate, document, and assemble the information, tools, and collaborative development space needed, as we explore an alternative to the control over people that big tech companies employ as a lucrative business model. We want to offer an alternative to big tech, and teach people how to choose freedom and privacy over convenience by exploring web3, blockchain, decentralization, and open source technologies.

In order to achieve these lofty goals, we will continue to add content regularly, and invite you to contribute to the effort by use of social coding to continuously improve the the many community projects we will be promoting using a public github. Don’t worry if you are new or if you don’t think you know enough to be a contributor. One of our goals is to educate and provide links to tutorials to bring you up to speed on the most commonly needed skill sets. If you look to the left you will see our navigation tree, and how to quickly and easily reach the content that most interests you.

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