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Automate flux node installations using Ansible!

If you run a significant amount of Flux nodes, and/or if you use Ansible to manage them, this repo can really help by allowing the entire install to be handled by Ansible. Previously Ansible struggled to fully automate the process because it had to run Multitoolbox for the installation/configuration process. Now all flux node maintenance tasks, as well as new installations can be handled by a custom Ansible build.

Flux Node Install Repository

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Fluxctl is a specialized command-line tool that allows developers to run commands against the Flux API!

Fluxctl is a part of the RunOnFlux project, it is designed with the purpose to make interaction with the Flux API more accessible and efficient. Whether you are a beginner just starting out with Flux or an experienced developer looking for a tool to enhance your workflow, Fluxctl is a great choice.

Fluxctl Repository